The Belts

An uncle to Esther advised about Purim
Van Allen Belts

An uncle to Esther advises about Purim

Gods who survive in our cities
are known by many different names. 

Let us not confuse the sectarian with the secular,
it may be unwise (or even dangerous) to do so. 

Nor the men with the women,
nor the sheep with the goats.

We cannot name the unnameable,
nor look upon the truth of our own face. 

We must not take another’s knife to bread
for fear of being cut and thereafter becoming the unclean. 

We must count our days very specifically,
dress and undress as per instruction only.

We must not seek citrus,
nor call down upon ourselves the dreams of our fathers. 

We must permit others as we ourselves would be permitted. 
Take no common stone into our mouths,

nor cause common stones to be placed
wantonly into the mouths of others.

There shall be no prospect of forgiveness
for those who wear the skirts of the unforgiven. 

Ponder the wisdom of your own born skin
and let the beards of the women be not cut. 

You shall not be unkempt without purpose,
nor unwashed without design.

You shall not ride or be falsely motorized,
nor accept gifts of unbraided hair.

Walk no lines unless upon a day
set aside by those with days to spare. 

You will take it upon yourself to be calm yet also at all times full.
You shall wake and cause others to wake also. 

You shall count not the fingers of the broken,
nor consider your own dexterity but a gift from Him. 

If at the coast turn inland,
when close to the harbor maroon.

In times of weather revile shelter,
on each night of winter cast off your cloth. 

When late begin again, when early do not wait. 
Do not crop upon the planted, do not weep for the dry.

In the clinics of the lost make every effort to remain unfollowed. 
Do not look out of that window,

do not seek the means of your own control. 
Honor those who sit quietly and your uncles particularly.

Never leave until the breath has stopped. 
Promise faithfully instead you will not forget 


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